Welcome to YL Team Faith Oils!:)  I'm glad you're here.:)  This is YOURWellnessJourney.  I'm here to support you by sharing information that you can access at your leisure.:)  You will have access to areas that will help you get started as a new member, and you will also see posts around total wellness; i.e., around mind, body, and spirit.  While the majority of information you see here will be around Young Living, you may also see some other posts relative to overall wellness.  I do my best to keep things uplifting, fun, and informative.  You can count on things like product information, business zooms or posts, including business opportunity conversations (since financial peace is also good for the mind), healthy recipe ideas, spiritual uplifters, leadership, coaching information, and more!  My mission here is to have you feel comfortable, especially with what to do once you get your new products, and at the same time bring you content that is of value so you can learn and grow, and share with others you care about.  Thank you for being here.:)

YOURWellnessJourney - Welcome to YL Team Faith Oils