Take the leap of faith

Take the leap of faith
Take the leap of faith, and believe in what I share, if you so dare.:). Hey I'm a poet!:) LOL 

When it comes to clean products and personal care safety, I've got your back!:). I've done the work over the years.  It's time to take care of YOU.  

Would you consider detoxing your home cleaning and personal care products with what I am recommend?

What do you have to lose? Do you have young children?  If yes, now is the time to take that stand. If you are empty nesters, it's YOUR time to take care of YOU and begin and/or enhance YOURWellnessJourneyNow!

Just like detoxifying unhealthy relationships, which is huge, it's equally important to take a moment, look through your closets and cabinets, and see what needs better attention.  What harmful ingredients lurks in them?  Are your cleaning and personal care products ladened with harmful chemicals?  Would you know the difference? I DO, and "I DO" are the not just the words I used on my wedding day:).  I DO means I DO KNOW what's lurking in many of these products, and it's not pretty.

I have been researching this nonsense for years - almost 20 to be exact, ever since I was introduced to a healthier lifestyle, FREE of toxins.  Many company giants still do no have our best interest/health safety in mind.  Ingredients they continue to use still creep into our systems because of lack of regulations. 

You don't have to trust me, but I will tell you all that I know, and if I don't know, I'll find out.  May I invite you to a short educational review?  Watch this.


In addition contact me, and I am happy to share with you a little overview of how you can do things better, with a little education.  Even though our hands are tied to some degree, we have more freedom and choices than you think.:).

Take a leap of faith with me.  I've done the homework.:)  I want to help educate you, if you'd like to be better informed.:)

To YOURWellnessJourneyNow

Preparing for a good night's rest

Preparing for a good night's rest
Each day, I actually look forward to bedtime.  It's the time of day I finally give myself permission to think about me.:). I find the best way to wind down and get a good nights sleep is to make myself be in bed at the same time each night.  Often times I like to take a nice shower just to relax and ease any possible tension from the day. Once I do that, I apply my favorite essential oil called Stress Away (you can even order with member pricing, right from this site, if you choose to give it a go:). This is the first oil I was introduced to and fell in love with. I use it throughout the day with a few others to keep me grounded and calm.   In the evening, it works in a way that just helps ease me into sleep, which is interesting. For some of my troubled sleepers, I recommend also adding our lavender to the bedtime routine either by diffusing it by your bedside and/or putting a little on your pillowcase.  For a deeper, more restful, sleep apply some to your feet.:). Then I do a nice bedtime meditation that most often puts me right out. When I follow this routine I sleep well and I wake up well rested.:). Wishing you a more peaceful sleep tonight. 🛌 😴 💤 💃🏻🕺 
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